SXR Precision Locator

SXR Locator

SXR Locator

Quick & Accurate Locations

Built on a proven design, the SXR Locator quickly and accurately pinpoints camera sondes and other utilities. Dynamic and versatile, the Step Method offers users the ability to locate around obstacles and angles with greater depth and precision. The SXR Locator provides cutting-edge technology for sewer and utility locating.


  • Multi-frequency for locating cast-iron and non-metallic pipes
  • Passive frequencies to locate "live" utilities without the use of a transmitter
  • Step Method Sonde Locating
  • Push-button Depth Measurement up to 25ft (30ft plus with SS30X Sonde)
  • Laser-like directional antennae array
  • Backlit display for low-light settings
  • Powered with 6 "C" Cell Batteries
  • Weather resistant
  • 4-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.
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Multi-Frequency Locator
 3 Watt Transmitter


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SXR Locator

SXR Locator

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