Gvision® V1 – Sewer Inspection Monitor

Gvision V1 Monitor

Gvision V1 

Sewer Inspection Monitor

The Gvision V1 is a universal inspection monitor built for multiple camera reels. The Gvision features a militaristic design for extreme durability and can mount on a reel or tilt on its cover to view at angles. The Gvision V1 can be upgraded to a Gvision V3 with a DVR.


  • Universal: will power various camera reels including RIDGID®
  • TruView sunlight viewable: no shade required to see a vivid picture on the screen.
  • Ruggedized: made with heavy-duty aluminum
  • Low voltage power supply.
  • Optional internal battery for up to 4.5 hours runtime.
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship*
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Gvision V1
Gvision V1 w/ battery

Ruggedized construction for years of service.

We wanted the monitor to handle the toughest workspaces. Constructed using heavy-duty, lightweight materials, the monitor passed a series of severe environmental conditions, from hard impact survival to extreme heat.  We added a cover/stand for secure transportation and for angling the monitor on the ground and rooftop.

Protective Aluminum Case

The Gvision's outer shell is fabricated with a durable aluminum commonly used in construction.

Amazing picture quality.

See a clear picture in the bright sun with this vibrant LCD. Watch it from across the parking lot, from the rooftop or on the other side of the street. The anti-glare screen has a bright picture quality in any setting.

10.4" TruView Display

1200nit LCD

Gvision TruView Daylight Screen

Gvision's TruView Display can be clearly viewed in direct sunlight

Future Upgrades

If you own a V1 but want to offer customers video recordings, the Gvision V1 can be modified into a V3 without hassle. See the Gvision V3 Monitor.

Install a DVR

Install a DVR and turn the V1 into a V3

Gvision DVR


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Gvision V1 Monitor
Gvision V1

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Frequently asked questions


The Gvision includes a lifetime manufacturer's defect warranty, and a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

Will it connect to my camera?

The Gvision is designed to connect with Ridgid®, Spartan®, Geneye®, SRECO®, EasyCam® and many other camera brands. 

Does it have a counter?

Reels which have a counter built-in will display on the Gvision screen, such as Ridgid®. The counter isn't built into the monitor.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last up to 4.5 hours, and holds an average of 3-1/2 to 4 hours when recording.

Does the V1 record?

The Gvision V1 will connect to an external DVR or can have a DVR installed into it for sewer recordings. See the Gvision V3.

What is the weight and dimension?

The Gvision is about 11 inches x 9 inches x 4 inches and can weigh up to 10 pounds.

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