Firmware Update for Gvision®

If you’re using the Gvision monitor with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, this update is for you.

What is this update for? Establishes communication between your iOS 12 device and the Gvision monitor. Also updates the Mobile USB to Micro-USB media file sharing method.

Contact us for the latest update Think you already have the update? Check your firmware here.

Why use Gplink 2.0? 

The connection between an Apple® device and the Gvision has never been smoother. With Gplink 2.0 (BETA) downloaded on your device, you simply connect to the monitor’s DVR using a lightning to USB sync cable, and videos will automatically save onto the app.

Gplink saves time away from the job site. Videos on the Gplink app can be shared over the internet using SMS, Email, Dropbox, and most anything with a public link. You can even Airdrop videos to your client’s iPhone® on site.

Gplink stores your videos for easy playback. You can access saved video inspections at any time. Optionally, download the videos onto a computer and save them onto a separate hard drive.

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