Gvision® Mini Reel

The Gvision® Mini Reel is a durable, portable mini sewer camera for inspecting 2 inch to 4 inch sewer lines. Its compact size also makes it a great tool for inspecting larger sewer lines with scale build-up prior to descaling the line. The Gvision® Mini Reel is fitted with 150 feet of stiff-yet-flexible push cable with powerful push capability.

MadDog Nozzle

MadDog Nozzle

The MadDog Nozzle by enz® is a redesigned Bulldog nozzle with optimized ceramic inserts for the highest ideal cutting power. Spinning 3 times faster than mainstream nozzles, it removes aggressive tree roots in flows as low as 5.5 GPM at 3500 PSI with 3/8 inch hose and up to 18 GPM at 4000 PSI with 1/2 inch hose.

Samson Arm Hoist

The Samson Arm Hoist is a powerful lift for transporting heavy machinery to and from your truck. With the motor safely secured in one spot and all cable and wiring protected within the frame, this unique hoist is a compact size and will take up minimal space in your vehicle. Control the lift with an optional wired remote or a wireless remote for hands-free functionality.

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